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Lucifer Miniature
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Limited killing machine
  • Intimidates his enemies

Lucifer is an incredible killing machine... who does not like to kill. After slaughtering a number of people exceeding 2/3 of his own point value, Lucifer grows exasperated and leaves the battlefield. This is a weakness that opponents will want to use to their advantage.

Lucifer is an incredibly intimidating foe and is hard to deal with, but he will be outnumbered most of the time. The most obvious way to offset the weakness described above is to take advantage of Lucifer’s huge Intimidation to frighten your enemy who will run away. Therefore, you will not have to kill all your foes to win the day.

Special Rules

  • Teleport: Diagonal movements and terrain penalties do not slow down this unit when moving. It accumulates Veil instead of Fatigue for all movements.
  • Loner: Lucifer is a hero, but is still considered a unit on his own. He cannot join any unit and so, have no Retinue.
  • Exasperation: Lucifer is fearless and is affected by morale modifiers only when he kills. If the number of people Lucifer kills exceeds 2/3 of his point value, he leaves the battlefield, exasperated.

Heroic Power

  • Disabused: Lucifer's Intimidation increases proportionally to his number of kills.


Story Notes


Lucifer’s biography has been a tricky one since we had first to answer many theological questions. Furthermore, many different stories have already been written about Lucifer, and we had to choose what Ex illis Lucifer would look like and would be like.

For the theological part, we had to create a story for the demons and one for the fallen angels, both inspired by what we read, but still proper to the Ex illis world. Some elements differentiate the fallen angels from the demons. The first represent the angels who refused to mix with the demons when they fell in hell. Their bodies thus remained the same, except for their burned wings. Demons are corrupted beings who suffered physical transformations. They also tend to be more evil than fallen angels.

Furthermore, in Ex illis, Lucifer and Satan are two different beings, though some myths tend to merge them into one. Lucifer is neither good nor bad, but a being with great skills and some weaknesses. His pride does cause his downfall. Satan is more on the evil side. He is the real Demonic Prince since he deliberately left Heaven to join the demons in Hell.

Bastion did not want Ex illis Lucifer to be completely evil as some myths show him. We wanted him to be more of an anti-hero. He has to face his weaknesses, his pride in particular, his biggest failing which led to his fall from Heaven. Ex illis Lucifer is disillusioned by politics. He is also deeply wounded by the loss of his Master, the Lord. Without Him, he does not know where to go or what to do, and he is wandering without a real purpose. Fights and struggles do not really interest him, until he finds a new reason to live and to act during his long trip in Africa.

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Gameplay Overview

This special character is the most powerful named hero in the whole Ex illis world. This is why he is designed for larger-scale games.

You have to use Lucifer well. Therefore, it is important not to kill everything he comes across, but to use his Intimidation to make opponents run away so Lucifer’s presence on the battlefield becomes interesting. On another hand, the thing with Lucifer killing people is that the more he does, the more intimidating he is. You could exploit this tool to help him scare his foe away.

Using his frightening killing power at the right time is the main objective with this hero. Being able to wipe out the main enemy unit or the General may counterbalance Lucifer’s departure from the battlefield. Beware though, if Lucifer is your army's General, your troops will receive the defeated General’s penalty when he leaves.

Faction related to Lucifer


Stats Highlights
Very strong and tough
No armour
Resistant to magic

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(Attack 125%)

Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon










Granted Skills
Want a Piece of Me - Level 10 Dimensional Strikes - Level 10 Stare - Level 10
Offensive Stance. Allows Lucifer to dodge shooting attacks and to automatically perform a charge reaction against the most aggressive charging miniature. Can target flying units. Lucifer performs a melee attack against every enemy miniature in the same zone. Swift Action -50%. Does not break Stance. Unlimited range. Each enemy unit in target zone loses its Stance and all its Buffs.

Armageddon - Level 20 Heroic Takedown - Level 30 Dark Travel - Level 40
Range 1. Every miniature in target zone takes a powerful Light and Dark elemental damage. A charge which automatically targets the most aggressive enemy Hero in the targeted zone. Dark Travel The unit teleports itself to an unlimited distance, but in a zone unoccupied by the enemy. Veil is calculated according to the distance travelled.
Final Countdown - Level 50 Paralyse - Level 60 Dark Sending - Level 70
Range 0-2. Every miniature in target zone will receive a very powerful Dark elemental damage after 3 turns. Range 0-2. All units in target zone are disabled and lose all of their defences for one turn. Range 0-1. Lucifer moves an allied unit without range restriction.

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