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Welcome to the Ex illis encyclopaedia. You will find here all you need to know about the Ex illis universe, the nuts and bolts of the game and much much more.

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New player section

Starting with Ex illis is easy. We've gathered some ressources here to make it even more convenient; you'll learn - step by step- all you need to do from unpacking your miniatures to winning your first battle.

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The mendicum orders appear at the beginning of the 13th century. They are a solution to the believers’ decreasing faith in their Church and to the latest abuses of the clergy. Instead of being cloistered in remote monasteries with their faith, the mendicum preach the Word of God in the middle of cities, living like Christ and his apostles. They encourage extreme poverty in their ranks, begging in the streets and labouring for the salvation of souls. They are not allowed to possess money or property; everything has to come from alms.



Lucifer's Biography
(Appearance in 1264)

Lucifer is a fallen angel whose name means “Morning Star”. He appears in Europe in 1264, in Missina, Sicilia. Before long, hordes of Christians start to chase him down to take him at the stake of the Inquisition. But Lucifer knows how to defend himself. Between fights in dense forests and his obsessive desire for vengeance, the fallen angel takes time to wonder about his own existence.



Melees are intense, complex and chaotic moments. Attacks come from all sides while warriors quickly fall one after the other.

An attack is carried out in three steps: Target assignment, roll to hit and result calculation. This page will help you get a better understanding of the mechanisms behind Ex illis’ melee system. Furthermore, it explains how and when a unit can counter-attack, and what happens if it needs to disengage from the melee.